Titanium alloy tubes fittings flanges

Country: China

titanium wires for sales

titanium wires for sales
Ti Production Standard:
AWS A5.16, ASTM B863
Ti Grades:
Grade 1 4, Ti 6Al-4V, Ti 6Al-4V Eli, Ti 0.2 Pd, Ti 3Al-2.5V, Ti 0.3Mo-0.8Ni
Ti Wire Dimensions:
Diameter 0.05 6 mm, Length Spools: 100mm 300mm Straight: 300mm 3000mm,
Ti Wire Types:
Ti Wire Coil, Ti Wire Spool, Ti Wire Straight
Surface Finish: Black, Pickling

AWS A5.16 Straight Titanium Welding Wire ERTi-5
Tig & Mig Welding wire for Alloyed Titanium Grade 5

AWS A5.16 Classification:

Shape: Straight

Surface Treatment: Polished, Pickled

AWS A5.16, ASTM B863, AMS4951, AMS4954, ASTM F136

Diameter: From Ø 0.15mm - 6.0mm (Ø 0.006" - 0.236")
Length: From 914mm - 2000mm (Ø 36" - 78.75") -- For straight wire

Stock Range:
Diameter Ø 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.6mm, 2.0mm, 2.4mm, 3.0mm, 4.0mm
Length: 914mm, 1000mm, 2000mm

Production Capability:
72 Metric Tons/month

Straight: sealed with plastic bag in plastic box + plywood case.
As per customer’s requirement.

Ti-Gr. 5: Recommended for high mechanical resistance applications up to 350° -400°C, it combines an ideal set of properties: high tensile strength, low density, toughness and ductility, weldability and machinability comparable to austeni1ic stainless steel.
Suitable to solution and precipitation heat treatments.

Ti-Gr. 5 eli: Ti6Al4V with extra low interstitial elements content, with enhanced ductility, typically used in the non aged condition for maximum toughness. Widely used for cryogenic devices as well as medical applications.

Excelent weldability, and can be heat treated to a higher strength or toughness. Grade 5 is used in aircraft components such as landing gear, wing spars, and compressor blades. Its corrosion resistance is generally comparable to Grade 2 and it is often used in corrosion service where higher strength is required, particularly in shafts, high strength bolting, and keys.
The weld deposit is ductile and offers excellent corrosion resistance in oxidizing environments. The unique combination of mechanical strenght and corrosion resistance makes the alloy a prefered choice in many applications to prefend or solve problems. The wire is cleaned in a very special way to obtain porosity free and a ductile weld deposit.
Low density and high strength
Exceptional corrosion resistance
Excellent elevated temperature properties
Excellent Bearing to cryogenic property
Essentially non-magnetic
Nontoxic, non-allergenic and fully biocompatible
Good thermal properties
Low modulus of elasticity
Low thermal expansion coefficient
High melting point
Excellent aesthetic qualities
Environmentally sound
Titanium Wire is silvery metal with excellent properties. Density is 4.54g/cm³ lighter than Steel. But mechanical
strength is higher than Steel, twice stronger than aluminium, 5 times stronger than Magnesium. Pure Titanium
Wire is high temperature resistance and melting point is 1942K.
High Quality Titanium Wire has low density, light weight, high strength, also has the good corrosion resistance,
high temperature resistant, low temperature resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance and so on

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