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Mirror aluminum composite panel ACP

Mirror aluminum composite panel ACP
Total thickness 3mm, 4mm
Aluminum thickness 0.3mm, 0.4mm, 0.5mm
Width 1220mm,1250mm (standard width)
1000mm,1500mm,1550mm (non standard width)
Length up to 6000mm
Dimensional Tolerances
Thickness 0.02
Width -0/+2mm
Length 1000 - 4000 mm -0/+4mm
Length 4001 - 6000mm -0/+6mm
Color Match
1. For custom' color requests, we can deal as following:
A. Supply a physical sample of custom color. A color sample on metal is preferred. If other, it is also acceptable.
But the color matching rate may be not good as color on metal.
B. New color sample is usually offered by our paint supplier in 5-7 days, special color should be in 7-10 days.
C. Upon receipt of color sample, please approve in writing as soon as possible. Once you approved,
we will arrange purchasing and production.
2.For general colors, please refer to our color chart

Note: Color difference maybe occurred in different production batch, so it is suggested all panels are placed in one
order for same project. And keep same direction as arrow on protective film when installing to avoid any color
difference by vision.

1. Other specifications available, according to customers' requirements
2. Golden mirror faced and Silver mirror faced, according to customers’ requirements
3. High impact resistance and good plasticity
4. Efficiently lightened burden for walls
5. Strengthened impact resistance for constructions
6. Great weather adaptabilities, high intensity, and easy maintenance
7. Perfect sound insulation, thermal resistance and fire retardant capability
8. Easy installation, apparently shortened installation time
9. Quality warranty:
· A.10-year guarantee for Mirror Faced Aluminum Composite Panel Mirror faced aluminum coil import from Italy.

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