West India Chemical International (Cleaning chemicals) West India Chemical International (Cleaning chemicals)

Country: India

Clean GEL

Clean GEL
Clean GEL / Paste is highly concentrate paste which is used to clean metal areas and is applied with brush. Useful for preparing metal surface for painting. Paint will adhere better to iron and steel surfaces when cleaned with Clean Jelly.

Other Valuble Products

1) Liquid Detergent (Use for Cleaning Dish ,Utensils and Glassware):
It is a biodegradable and surfactant base liquid detergent designed to remove grease and oils from dishes , Utensils and Glassware while remaining gentle on the hands. Liquid Detergent provides long-lasting suds while soaking dishes clean and rinses freely without streaking or spotting. by Cleaning the job of high pressure cleaning can be clean the floor and other oily and greasy surface. RXSOL-16-1501-035 is a superior & powerful cleaner containing corrosion inhibitors to prevents the corrosion of metals .It is low toxic product with an exceptional solvency power on soil & oily matter & having good foaming qualities .It is free from Hydrocarbon solvents, Biodegradable and minimizes the extreme hazards to personnel in handling materials.Part No RXSOL-16-1501-035
2)Reefer Cleaner Part No. RXSOL-16-1730-025
3) Electrosol NF 30 Kgs Part No.RXSOL-16-1076-030
4) Antifreeze with Potassium Chromate Part No.RXSOL-60-6236-100
5) Steel Guard
It is an Inorganic, water based Anti-Rust Compound. It conforms to the RoHS Directive and is Non- Evaporative, Non-Inflammable Liquid. Part No.RXSOL-16-1689-025

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