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15 hp (10 kW) Single Phase to 3 Phase Converter

15 hp (10 kW) Single Phase to 3 Phase Converter
Single-phase-to-three-phase power converters achieve energy savings for home motor appliances. One of the most significant problems of single-to-three-phase converters is the
power ripple generated with a twice the power supply frequency.

single-phase-to-three-phase power converter using an active buffer has been proposed. This converter is based on the concept of an indirect matrix converter coupled to anactive buffer to decouple the power ripple. The size of the converter can be reduced because it does not require a large smoothing capacitor in the DC link part and a boost inductor. However, the voltage transfer ratio between the input and output voltages is less than 0.5 because a load inductance is used to charge the buffer capacitor. This low voltage transfer ratio limits its applications. In addition, the low output voltage increases the power loss because increased current flows in the circuit and the load when the same power is output.

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