Performance characteristics of EN 10080, weldability and chemical composition

Weldability and chemical composition according standard EN 10080

Weldability is determined by two characteristics: 

carbon equivalent; 

limitations on the content of certain elements.

according to standard EN 10080 The maximum values of individual elements and the carbon equivalent shall not exceed the values given in Table below. 

The carbon equivalent value Ceq shall be calculated using the following formula: 

Ceq = C + Mn/6 + (Cr+Mo+V)/5 + (Ni+Cu)/15 

where the symbols of the chemical elements indicate their content in % by mass. 

NOTE For guidance on welding of reinforcing steels see pr EN ISO 17660.

Table - Chemical composition (% by mass)

 Carbon a
Phosphorus max.
Nitrogen b max.
Copper max.
Carbon equivalent value a max.
Cast analysis
0,22 0,0500,050
 Product analysis 0,240,055
a It is permitted to exceed the maximum values for carbon by 0,03 % by mass, provided that the carbon equivalent value is decreased by 0,02 % by mass. b Higher nitrogen contents are permissible if sufficient quantities of nitrogen binding elements are present.

Durability of products according to this standard is provided by the chemical composition specified in this Table