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Country: Iran

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Address:: M 15 Neishabour to Shahrefirouzeh , I.R.Iran
Town: M 15 Neishabour to Shahrefirouzeh , I.R.Iran
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Phone: + 98 (51) 42453210-20


The Khorasan Steel Complex, located 15th km Neyshabour-Firouzeh road, established in 1989 based on Kobe Steel feasibility studies. The company has been located in the plot land of 1400 hectars with the following plants and capabilities: light constructional steel mill of 620,000 tons per year, two DRI plants of 1.6 million tons per year, two Melt shops of 1.5 milion tons per year and two other under construction projects: Iron ore concentrate of 2.5 million tons per year and pelletizing plant of 2.5 million tons per year. All the above capabilities and expansion projects have led the Khorasan Steel Complex to the third pole of the country’s steel production in Khorasan Razavi Province while the foundations capabilities and basic structures had been mentioned which maintain its 10 percent share of country’s crude steel output in the next ten years (2025) .

The largest industrial plant in the eastern Iran has created at least 5000 direct job opportunities as well as remarkable number of indirect job positions in transportation and public service sector, having a significant impact on socializing the company

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